White Collar Crimes & Defense

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White Collar Crimes & Defense

Regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies are now more powerful than ever before. They are showing greater willingness to use the powers made available to them, encouraged by government initiatives, to persuade companies that regulation must be taken seriously.

The ensuing investigations can result in serious consequences. It is vital that clients take a holistic approach to the legal and regulatory environments in which they operate.

Our legal team help clients to manage a crisis, provide guidance through an investigation and provide advice on becoming fully compliant with specific regulations as applicable. We navigate our clients through the crisis that threaten their freedom, business and reputation.

Clients turn to our seasoned team for their most high stakes, complex and sensitive matters as our experience includes defending against criminal prosecutions and counsel clients regarding preventive measures, compliance management and collateral consequences of criminal proceedings.

Our Litigation Team with experience of handling complex issues provides unparalleled insights and extensive experience in investigations, defense and compliance matters as well as allegations of fraud, money laundering, benami transactions, corruption, financial crime etc. Our seasoned team has prior experience of successful representation to our clients and to obtain favourable and best possible results in matter related to white collar crimes which includes but not limited to financial frauds & crimes, corruption & bribery, benami property and transactions, forex violations and money laundering etc.

Our practice also tailors its solutions, placing an emphasis on flexibility and knowing when to shift gears and adapt to best meet the needs of each unique circumstances. Our team’s capabilities are scaled to match the size of any legal challenge, and adjusted as a case progress.
If you are seeking experienced legal advisory and representation for allegations of fraud, money laundering, benami transactions & property, corruption, tax evasion etc. in any legal forums/courts in India, please connect with us admin@equicorplegal.com or by telephone at +91 8448824659.