Consumer Protection Medical Negligence & RERA

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Consumer Protection Medical Negligence & RERA

In today's competitive environment, attempts to influence customers are taking place not only through traditional media but across many new platforms, including external websites, social media outlets and mobile applications. The practices and policies of consumer-facing companies, from invasive marketing to the protection of customer information, are under constant scrutiny, as are issues relating to unfair or deceptive acts as well as misleading, improper or illegal advertising, marketing, and pricing practices. Whenever a manufacturer or seller engages in misleading advertising or flat-out lies regarding the products and services they offer, they must be held accountable for their fraud.

Many consumers confront the ordeal of creditors demanding payment for sums that may or may not be rightly owed to them. The consumer may be experiencing harassing phone calls, letters and demands from creditors such as his/her phone company, service provider, health insurance or car insurance provider, credit card company, real estate builder, bank, or other vendor insisting on immediate payment. Perhaps the consumer has fallen prey to identity theft, financial fraud, or other fraudulent purchases for which he/she is unjustly being held accountable. Consumer Protection Act (CPA) level the playing field of consumers who have been treated unfairly.

Medical Negligence on part of doctor or hospital can occurs when they depart from accepted medical practice and injury or death of a patient occurs as a result of that deviation from the standard of care, the doctor and hospital can be liable for their actions. Under such circumstances, the patient is entitled to recover for past and future: pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of earnings.

Every residential and commercial real estate project is mandatory registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). RERA has taken steps to not only make the real estate developer accountable but also make them pay compensation and penalty in cases of default of any provision of the rules.

We advise and represents promoters & developers on the various compliances under RERA (including waterfall mechanism); registration of project with RERA authorities; handling litigation matters and representation before RERA & Appellate Tribunal.

Our Litigation Team also devise legal strategy for our clients on case-to-case basis. After conducting a full investigation of the case, our Litigation Team consider all options for resolving the matter and to advise them to settle or litigate the matter on the merits of the case. We strategically negotiate if settlement is in our client’s best interest. We have successfully represented clients and have proven track records in matters related to consumer protection, medical negligence and RERA.
If you are seeking experienced legal advisory and representation for any matter w.r.t. consumer protection, medical negligence and RERA proceedings in any legal forums/courts in India, please connect with us or by telephone at +91 8448824659.