Our Practice Areas

Banking & Finance

Get the high level service while maintaining personalized attention. Expert Advice, Human Approach.

Consumer Protection Medical Negligence & RERA

“Legal Knowledge. Human Wisdom”

Corporate & Commercial

The actions we take on your behalf are not just legally sound, they are good for business as well. Competent Enough to Serve you, Small Enough to Know You.

Criminal Defense

“Value based services for higher stakes”


“Solving Business Challenges through Balance with Nature & Sustainable Growth.”

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

“To navigate the business and stakeholders in distressed situations”

Intellectual Property

Traditions of Innovations.

Litigation & Arbitration

Disputes are an unwelcome but inevitable part of commercial life. If so required, let us lead a judicial contest to determine & enforce your legal rights in court of law.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Legal Insight to Market Leaders.

Mining & Minerals

In today’s economy, where flux is the only permanence, for realizing capabilities to fullest sustainable extent, we offer highest professional standards & integrity”.

Nidhi Micro Finance & Alternative Banking

We assist to navigate restricted channels of credit & challenging regulations.

Private Equity & Fund Investment

Where Law and Business Meet. Explore » Connect » Engage.

Regulatory Policy & Compliance

In today’s ever evolving legal & regulatory framework & to adopt best global practices, you may reach us to keep you in pace with dynamic competitive legal environment.


“We Play. You Win”


We are instrumental to various start-ups & social enterprises in setting up their business in India.


“ Where Technology meets Law. Helping you navigate the risks & challenges posed by disruptive technology.”

White Collar Crimes & Defense

“Deeper Understandings. Better Solutions.”



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