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Criminal Defense

Our Litigation Team helps and assist our clients caught up in a criminal or regulatory investigations and navigate them through difficult issues involving criminal charges, investigations and proceedings.
Criminal charges can be complicated and can carry severe sentences. When facing charges of criminal in nature, it is vital to have sound legal support, as any mistakes or errors could result in unfavorable outcomes for those under criminal proceedings or investigation.

In any criminal proceedings, the very first step after a person is charged with any offence is to ensure bail as any detention by the police or Court can deprived of one’s liberty and restrict the defense.  Bail application requires seasoned and experienced lawyers as any minor defects or improper representation before the Court will not only result in detention during the criminal proceedings but would also impact the outcome of the case.
Our Litigation Team act for people at all levels of the criminal justice system who believe that they have been wrongly convicted, illegally detained and punished. We pursue miscarriages of justice all the way from trial courts to the High Court and Supreme Court of India.

Clients turn to our seasoned team for their most high stakes, complex and sensitive matters as our experience includes defending against criminal prosecutions and counsel clients regarding preventive measures, litigation strategy,compliance management and collateral consequences of criminal proceedings.

Our seasoned team has prior experience of successful representation to our clients and to obtain favourable and best possible results in matter related to criminal proceedings which includes but not limited to  search & seizure operations by the police and other investigating agencies, unjustified restraint  to personal liberty and confiscation, homicide including murder, assault, sexual allegations, investigations arising from exercising your right to protest and defending political activists, cheating, fraud,theft & robbery,embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, criminal contempt, charges of defamation, frauds & financial crimes, cyber& technology frauds & crimes, tax prosecution, corruption & bribery, benami property and transactions, forex violations and money laundering etc.

If you are seeking experienced legal advisory and representation for any criminal charges, investigations and proceedings in any legal forums/courts in India, please connect with us or by telephone at +91 8448824659.