The vast experience in dealing with corporations and individuals has given ECA a thorough understanding of the Real Estate sector in India along with joint venture transactions in the Real Estate sector, build to suit campuses, development of IT parks, Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Hotels, Multiplexes, Slum Redevelopment and rehabilitation projects. Our lawyers are well versed with retail, investment, health, transportation, SEZs, STPIs, slum development, construction and public private partnerships. ECAs areas of focus are as follows:-

(i)            Structuring of the project keep legal and tax liabilities in mind;

(ii)           Title searches;

(iii)          Drafting, negotiation and review of documents such as Sale Deeds, Lease Agreements, Power Purchase Agreement, Leave and License Agreements, Gift Deeds, Transportation Agreements, Mortgage & Finance Agreements, On Shore and Off Shore Services Contract, EPC Contracts, Joint Development Agreements etc;

(iv)         Conducting necessary due diligence and risk analysis;

(v)          Advising on regulatory matters and assisting with obtaining regulatory approvals and liaising with various government bodies; and

(vi)         Assist and provide representation for any dispute resolution.

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