In today’s global economy, it is of utmost importance to have a sound Intellectual Property strategy. ECA has developed the required skills to help you out with managing, preserving, and protecting intellectual property and prosecuting on your behalf on a multitude of issues. Our work in this practice area includes the following:-

(i)            Prior art search;

(ii)           Analysis of patentability;

(iii)          Search of Patent validity;

(iv)         Drafting of Patent specifications for filing;

(v)          Drafting and prosecution of Patents;

(vi)         Intellectual Property due diligence and auditing;

(vii)        Registrations and opposition of Trademarks;

(viii)       Registration and enforcement of Copyrights;

(ix)         Registration and opposition under Geographical Indication Act; and

(x)          Domain name registrations.

Additionally, ECA also advises in relation to intellectual property infringement and legal recourse for the same.

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