ECA has extensive experience in this practice area and has handled certain projects relating to energy, oil and gas, highway, road, airport, ports, water & sanitation and telecommunications.   Our Infrastructure and Project Finance work covers the following areas:-

(i)            Transaction Advisory pertaining to Energy, Oil and Gas, Highway, Road, Airport, Ports, Water & Sanitation, Townships, Special Economic Zones and Telecommunications;

(ii)           Structuring of the project in accordance with legal, contractual and tax aspects;

(iii)          Drafting, negotiating and reviewing financing & security documents, Concession Contracts, EPC Contracts, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Farm-Out Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements and Deed of Assignment, Hypothecation Agreements, Guarantee Deeds, Asset Purchase Agreement, Escrow Agreement and other miscellaneous documents like work orders and purchase orders etc;

(iv)         Advising on pre-bidding due diligence, tender documents, bidding process etc;

(v)          Reviewing the financial projections and carrying out a financial risk analysis;

(vi)         Assisting with obtaining governmental approvals and liaising with statutory authorities; and

(vii)        Advising and assisting with any dispute resolution.

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