Labour Laws in India are very archaic as oldest applicable pre-independence and latest as old as 1981 with very few amendments to suit present day requirement coupled with a theoretical approach by government authorities. The flip side of non-compliance is huge due to provisions of imprisonment of directors. ECA’s lawyers are well experienced to help you navigate the maze of employment law compliance with little to no hassle.  Our employment law practice covers the following areas:-

(i)            Principal employer’s audit of compliance with employment laws on a monthly or quarterly basis and escalate any non-compliances to the management for resolution;

(ii)           Audit of vendors’ compliance with employment laws on a monthly or quarterly basis in relation to their employees engaged with you on temporary basis (Security,Housekeeping,Maintenance,IT, Transport,Gardening,Cafeteria,etc);

(iii)          Advisory on employment and labour laws, unionisation, industrial relations etc;

(iv)         Assisting in compliance with employment and labour laws;

(v)          Advising on and assisting with implementation of policies dealing with sexual harrasement and discrimination in the work place;

(vi)         Advising on stock option schemes, rules regulating insider trading, issues of confidentiality and protection of intellectual property as these aspect need to take into consideration the employment and labour laws;

(vii)        Advising on applicability of labour laws in relation to a project or an operation in certain part of India;

(viii)       Drafting internal employee centric policies such as leave policy, wage policy, overtime policy etc;

(ix)         Drafting employment agreements, appointment letters, offer letters for consultants, termination agreements, non-competition agreements and non-disclosure agreements concerning confidentiality, etc.

(x)          Advise and assist in settlement of any industrial disputes or provide representation for any disputes relating to employment and labour laws and draft any suits, petitions or legal notices as required; and

(xi)         Advising on employment and labour law implications in any cross-border deal or arrangement.

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