The practice of law is to provide a service to society. While the traditional concept is to aid businesses, ECA believe that serving public welfare is a law firm’s primal social responsibility. ECA has strong commitment to providing services to all deserving social sector projects and in tune encourages social entrepreneurs and investors alike. All of our social sector work, give us a deep sense of constructive contribution. Our team dedicate countless hours towards the social sector i.e. non-profit business spaces.

At ECA, we believes that the social sector to be a separate industry vertical which requires specific legal requirements and specifically cross-border expertise. Social sector requires its own unique set of legal, tax and strategic counseling.

In our experience, social sector organizations which includes Non- Government Organizations requires special care and prudence while setting up and operating in India. Often the immense social need of sector organizations reduces their focus on careful legal and tax planning. While ECA encourages entrepreneurial ventures, it does so with a non-negotiable focus on uncompromised compliance and better tax planning.

Our Services offered include:

       Setting up of non-profits and social businesses:

Ø  Structuring

Ø  Setting up

Ø  Best practices

       Assisting in setting up of Indian non-profit entities abroad;

       Advise on compliance with foreign contribution laws such as FCRA;

       Advise on seeking income tax exemptions such as 35 AC & 35(1) and (2);

       Advising on leveraging government schemes and international tax treaties.


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