The government has now opened up the oil and gas sector by permitting 100% FDI in almost all areas of oil and gas sector that includes exploration and production, oil marketing, refining, and oil product pipelines. ECA’s lawyers are equipped to provide legal support on all oil and gas transactions from upstream to downstream, including pipelines, liquefied natural gas, distribution networks, trading and petrochemicals.ECA also has the requisite experience and expertise in power projects involving development and financing of power generation in India.

ECA expertise include:-

(i)            Drafting, reviewing and negotiating and finalizing Leasing agreements for mines, Production Sharing Agreements, Gas Transmission Agreements, Shipping and Bulk Carriage Contracts,Pipeline Transportation Contracts, Power Purchase Contracts, Fuel Supply Agreements, Natural Gas Gathering and Processing Agreements, Farm-out Agreements;

(ii)           Drafting, reviewing and negotiating Prospecting Agreements and Joint Development Agreements for extraction of mining resources;

(iii)          Conducting any necessary due diligence;

(iv)         Assisting with regulatory approvals or interaction with regulatory authorities, state and union ministries and various government departments; and

(v)          Assist and provide representation for any dispute resolution.

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